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Sandra C. Fernandez

Sandra C. Fernandez is an Ecuadorian American artist whose work is rooted in the transborder experiences of exile, dislocation, relocation, memory, and self-conscious identity-construction/reconstruction. Her practice includes—separately and in combination—printmaking, photography, artist’s books, soft sculpture/fiber art, assemblages, and installations; using a variety of materials, such as paper, thread, metal, wood, organic materials, and small found objects.

The need to combine

I fell in love with prints at an early age: First as an admirer and later as a maker. As an adolescent I was exposed to gorgeous silkscreened Cuban movie billboards in my home country, Ecuador, at a time when book fairs were popular and Cuban artists were bringing their culture to South America. After I unexpectedly immigrated to the US as a young adult, and became an art student, I was immediately drawn to learning about the different printmaking processes and creating meaningful pieces about my culture that I had been forced to leave behind. This medium attracted me on many fronts.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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