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Omar Kholeif

Dr Omar Kholeif, CF FRSA is an author, curator, cultural historian and artist whose ideas come to life in words. They currently hold the double-pronged position of Director of Collections and Senior Curator at Sharjah Art Foundation, Government of Sharjah, UAE.

Narcissus in Black, Brown and White

Debunk phallic fallacy numero uno: Idols are not chosen. Idols prickle at you—from screens, hieroglyphic stones, ink on paper, or if you’re Lauryn Hill, on the bus to school, senior year. Idols can be found in hidden places. They are conjured in sermons in the houses of the holy, and for some, in the hushed librettos of paternalistic survival—passed down from Gido to Baba, to you. They linger like ghosts, lodged in your subconscious.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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