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Mladen Dolar

Mladen Dolar is one of the founders of the Ljubljana School of Psychoanalysis, aka the Ljubljana Lacanian School. The author of more than a dozen books in Slovenian and English, he Professor of Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana and the European Graduate School.

The Disappeared Country

On many occasions when I have to fill in a form, I am asked for the date and country of my birth. For the country, I am offered some two hundred options, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, including many I would have a hard time finding on a map. But my country of birth doesn’t appear on any of these lists. The country where I was born and where I spent the majority of my life has disappeared, it is conspicuously missing. Its name is still vividly present in the collective memory, but I guess not for long.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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