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David Charles Shuford

David Charles Shuford is a writer, musician, and art librarian living in Queens, New York.

Chryssa: Chryssa & New York

Some 60 years after her breakout solo shows in 1961 at the Betty Parsons Gallery and the Guggenheim Museum, the pioneering artist Chryssa is finally back in the public eye. Showcasing an impressive range of work centered upon light and form, Chryssa & New York at Dia Chelsea is the first museum show in North America in over four decades to focus on the Greek-born artist Chryssa Vardea-Mavromichali (1933–2013). Once considered a pivotal figure in the burgeoning dialogue amongst Pop, Minimalist, and Conceptual factions, Chryssa’s stature has suffered in recent decades, her profile fading as others in her milieu have had their reputations burnished to the level of cottage industries.

Steffani Jemison: Broken Fall

In her debut solo show at Greene Naftali, Steffani Jemison presents a small retrospective survey that details a critical engagement with art history, popular visual culture, and the challenges of Black American experience.


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