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Corporeal Currents

Tere O’Connor’s Rivulets begins in complete darkness. The music—an original score composed by O’Connor himself—permeates the space, filling the entire building for a moment. The lights rise, and the performers, relaxed over each other, gently awaken, stirred by the music.

Incalculable Evidence

Lauren Bakst offers an intimate lens on C O M P R E S S I O N: the recent work of her friend and fellow artist Niall Jones.

In Conversation

Muse-ship: Pleasurable Resonances

On the occasion of Rail contributor and dancer Doug LeCours’s departure from New York, he and choreographer Julie Mayo convened for a conversation about their six years of work together through the lens of “muse-ness,” a reciprocal relationship of inspiration.

Tender Mafia

Monica Mirabile’s all things under dog is a daughter’s love letter to her father and a treatise of care dedicated to her fellow artists.

Hope after Tragedy

Vanessa Anspaugh’s mourning after mornings offers a sprawl of unruly movement and intergenerational tenderness at New York Live Arts.

Dance Your Fears Away

LOVETRAIN2020 looked like a lot of fun to dance. Emanuel Gat choreographed the work to songs by 1980s British band Tears For Fears (Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith).


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