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John Yau’s Joe Brainard: The Art of the Personal

In Joe Brainard: The Art of the Personal, poet and critic John Yau’s aptly titled new monograph of the beloved artist and writer, Yau has successfully collaged the collagist, the painter, the poet, and the prodigy.

Flurin Bisig’s Unformed Desire

Dear Unformed Desire… I started this project thinking that I was going to write a book review of Unformed Desire, newly out by the Swiss artist Flurin Bisig. But the more I work on it, contemplating the book, its materials, his talks, our conversations, and so forth, I start to realize that I am actually writing a love letter.

Strikethrough: Typographic Messages of Protest

Published to accompany an exhibition at Letterform Archive curated by Silas Munro, this is one of the first books to focus on how protest is visually represented through typography. But it would be naive to think that one volume could fill in the gaps created by years of censorship of an entire field, especially when those gaps result from a deeper structural issue like institutional whiteness.

Penny Wolin’s Guest Register

A poignant sense of presence and transience, Guest Register is a black-and-white postcard from another time, or maybe a love letter to a Los Angeles that no longer exists. The thirty-four full-page photographic portraits are a deeply affectionate slice of 1970s period life.

The Ten Best Art Books of 2022

This month, our editors and writers have reflected on their favorite art books of 2022: artist's writings, photobooks, monographs, and exhibition catalogues featuring work by Alison Knowles, Shala Miller, Robert Motherwell, and others.


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