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The Return of Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair—IRL

Absence has definitely made the heart grow fonder, as this year’s fair embodies all of the sensory and intellectual stimulation of the pre-pandemic years.

Carla Zaccagnini’s Cuentos de Cuentas

This is a book about money disguised as a memoir. Or an exhibition about photography and memory disguised as a book that is really an analysis of money. Or a book of appropriated and other images and stories heavily nostalgic for almost everything—including and especially money.

Jordan Weitzman’s Participation

The thirty-eight pictures in Participation, Jordan Weitzman’s debut photobook, tell us much about the world of their making.

Tamy Ben-Tor and Miki Carmi’s Archive

It traces the artist’s archiving and looks at their practices in an intimate way, but never turns the artists’ daily intimacy or history into artistic material in itself.

John Ashbery’s ​​Something Close to Music: Late Art Writings, Poems, and Playlists

This book allows one to read with as much freedom as one listens to a playlist, in sequence or on shuffle. Read it as a playlist, or as any artwork that is drawn from the stuff of life, discover the biography revealed at its edges and interpret it as a portrait, a diary, or a letter from John Ashbery.


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