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Art In Conversation

PETAH COYNE with Jonathan Goodman

Petah Coyne, now entering maturity as an artist, is anything but waning in her art. Her current show in Galerie Lelong & Co. is an outstanding compilation of pieces that incorporate taxidermied birds, which are pinned to or inserted into what are usually decorative elements or large masses of material—including waxed flowers and inchoate bodies of cloth fabric. Helped by a team of collaborators, Coyne continues to address the large, imaginative themes of her career.

Art In Conversation

ALI BANISADR with Phong Bui

One of the most poignant responses to the perpetual condition of being in exile is credited to Jonas Mekas, the legendary Godfather of American Avant-garde cinema, when he was asked, “Where are you from?” he offered, “I was born and raised in Lithuania, I live in New York, and now my country is culture.”

Art In Conversation

KEITH SONNIER with Michael Straus

I first met Keith Sonnier several years ago on a party ship that was hired to follow a tugboat around Manhattan as it towed the first realization of Robert Smithson’s Floating Island.

Art In Conversation

BARBARA DAWSON & SEAN RAINBIRD with David Carrier & Joachim Pissarro

On successive mornings in July, in sunny Dublin, I had the privilege of interviewing two museum directors. We talked about practical and conceptual issues—and we discussed the history of their institutions

Art In Conversation

MICHAEL FOX and TONY ZANETTA with James Barron

Jayne County is a pioneering punk, trans performance artist. She escaped to New York City from Georgia as a young adult and shortly thereafter participated in the iconic Stonewall Riots.

Art In Conversation

PETER HALLEY with Tom McGlynn

Since the early 1980s the influence of Peter Halley’s writings, paintings, and installations has been widespread.

Everywhere and Nowhere

“There is no document of civilization that is not at the same time a document of barbarism.”  Those all too familiar words of course are from Walter Benjamin, who committed suicide during his attempt to escape from Nazi-occupied Europe in 1940.

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Dear Friends and Readers,

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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The Vanishing Middle

New Yorkers have witnessed a wave of mid-tier galleries close shop over the past year. Is this part of a wider trend?

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